Social Analytics

What is social analytics?

All organizations today need a presence online. The quality of that presence affects how they are perceived by others, and so how they can operate and meet their goals. An effective web presence can also foster richer processes of consultation and reflection within organizations. This is particularly important for social and community organizations.

As a result, all sorts of organization today must use measures to assess their digital presence, whether standard analytics from Google or customized measures. They will also reflect more broadly on the flows of information and comment on their sites, and on how people interact with their online content. ‘Analytics’ is the word we use for all these forms of reflection.

Our research investigates how analytics get used by organizations to ensure they are meeting their overall goals as organizations. Particular organizations will reflect upon, and adjust their actions and self-presentation, in the light of analytic measures of their digital presence. The social analytics approach involves following this process closely through a series of carefully calibrated stages to understand better the life of organizations in today’s digital world.

The social analytics approach is developed through close research relationships with particular partners. We have developed it as part of the Storycircle project funded by the Research Council UK’s Digital Economy programme.

Key Documents:

Taken together, these documents give a sense of the step-by-step reflexive process that Storycircle’s research relationships based on the social analytics approach involve.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact: (FAO Nick Couldry or Luke Dickens).


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