People’s Voice Media

2012-10-24 14.04.34

Project description:

People’s Voice Media (PVM), is a not-for-profit development organisation founded in Salford, working across the UK and Europe, and specialising in the use of social media as a community engagement tool. The Storycircle team have undertaken an intensive 18-month action research project with PVM, initially orientated towards helping PVM to sustain their networks of reporters as a ‘Community of Practice’ (after Lave & Wenger 1991), and enhance their curatorial role in presenting content produced by Community Reporters. Later phases of the research focused on developing their use of digital and internet tools in the ‘Community Reporter’ programme. In particular, the Storycircle team designed and implemented a system of ‘social analytics’ to evaluate and demonstrate the CR programme’s effectiveness through a process of organisational reflexivity. The work has involved:

  • Identifying collaboratively a series of five core intended outcomes for its Community Reporters programme
  • Co-designing an innovative social analytics framework in which both analytics measures and tools for evaluating offline activity are explicitly linked to intended outcomes.
  • Co-designing and implementing a series of ‘content curation’ experiments in order to enhance public engagement with community reported content online
  • Proposing a range of further web analytic tools and methods with evaluation of their application to be carried out over time.

2012-10-24 15.14.51

Research partners:

  • PVM’s core staff team
  • members of local Community Reporter groups in Salford and across UK

Key themes:

  • Social analytics
  • Content curation
  • Community reporting
  • Inter-local dialogue and exchange


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