Oasis Academy MediaCityUK

Project description:

Storycircle’s research with Oasis Academy MediaCityUK has focused on the use of digital technologies and the creation of interactive web-based maps to enable a school to explore and understand its current and historical relationship to the neighbourhood in which it is located. The research has taken place in two distinct phases over a period in which the secondary school, previously Hope High, has relocated to new premises close to MediaCityUK. In the first phase Storycircle trained learners and staff at the school in the use of Historypin, a map-based platform in which users embed photos and narratives, and supported the school to engage the local community through public digital storytelling events.

In the second phase Storycircle developed an innovative method of engaging with the biographies of individuals commemorated on war memorials. In collaboration with a local interest group dedicated to the preservation of Salford war memorials (SWARM) students at the school were supported to research and record short biographical narratives, which were uploaded to a blog, and located onto historic maps of the area. The war memorial project coincided with the rededication of a World War 1 memorial recovered from the church mission building demolished to make way for the new school.

Research partners:

  • Staff and students
  • Salford War Memorials (SWARM)

Key themes of this project stream include:

  • Narratives and place
  • Geomapping and geohistories
  • Photo and sound archives

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