The Islington Estate Tenants and Residents Association (TIETARA)

Research partners:

  • Tenant association members
  • Local residents
  • Salix Homes
  • Prof. Paul Haywood, University of Salford
  • School of Art and Design, University of Salford
  • ThinkLab, University of Salford

Project description:

Storycircle’s collaboration with The Islington Estate Tenants and Residents Association, individual tenants and residents, community development workers and neighbourhood stakeholders in the Islington area of Central Salford has evolved in two phases.

Initial exploratory work focused on developing an innovative idea that tenant representatives had for reimagining the historic practice of town twinning as a process of digitally enabled knowledge exchange linking twinned tower block neighbourhoods in different countries. The twinning idea was explored through visits and meeting with tenant representatives of a high rise in Southeast London, in meetings with senior officers at Salford City Council and through presentations to the Salford twinning association. Supported by Storycircle and University of Salford, tenants from the Islington estate have led the City of Salford’s participation in Re-Block, an EU-URBACT transnational thematic network of 10 city partners focused on reviving high rise neighbourhoods and social cohesion.

In phase 2, following consultation with individual tenants, Storycircle have used the opportunity presented by the 50th anniversary of the two tower blocks and a planned Jubilee celebration on the estate to research the relationship between digitally mediated storytelling, place and belonging. Using flexible methods of story gathering and engagement tenants and residents, community workers, housing officers and elected representatives with a relationship to area and its local history of regeneration were invited to participate by contributing stories, photos and other documents to an online collection. The multimedia collection of stories will be accessible on a newly designed platform for exhibiting and archiving community narratives developed in collaboration with academic partners at Salford University ThinkLab.

Key themes of this project stream include:

  • Vernacular place-making
  • Narrative, place, belonging
  • Community archives

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