Digital Storytelling talk at Manchester Net Tuesday

This week we gave a presentation at the monthly Manchester Net Tuesday meeting at the MadLab, entitled ‘Digital Storytelling: principles and practice’. The presentation outlined the practical elements of applied digital storytelling alongside the basic underlying principles of mutual recognition, trust and respect at its core. These ideas were illustrated by the ‘100 Camps‘ project, a recent digital storytelling process undertaken with the Salford Lads Club in collaboration with the Storycircle team at Goldsmiths, University of London. This case study was used to help practitioners explore the possibilities that digital technologies can bring to the fundamental human desire to connect through the exchange of stories.

We were also joined live from Seattle by Steve Daigneault, Senior Vice President at M+R Strategic Services, who talked about story telling in a fundraising context; and live from California by Christie Brandau, who talked about TechSoup’s recent Digital Storytelling Challenge. The contributions from presenters, the audience, and the brilliant Steven Flowers as chair, lead to a rich discussion about the possibilities of digital storytelling, and provided some really useful insights and ideas that we hope to pick up on as our reserach develops further. Many thanks to all involved! The proceedings were filmed and streamed live by John Poppham (the mind behind Social Reporters and inventor of Twicket), and can be viewed in full from the following link:

One thought on “Digital Storytelling talk at Manchester Net Tuesday

  1. Many thanks for the kind words; although I think I have to defer to David Wilcox as being the pre-eminent brain behind Social Reporters

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